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General Information for Kea

Kea The closest Cycladic Island to mainland is extremely popular -due to its proximity -to Athenians and other visitors. Hora or Ioulis/Ioulidha is the capital of the island. Lovely snow-white houses, with the traditional architecture, are resting on the slope of the hill, where a section of the acropolis' wall and the entrance of the Venetian castle are still standing. The remainder of the hill is occupied by old mansions and a hotel.

Things to see

  • the Acropolis of Ioulidha
  • the neoclassical buildings of the Elementary School and the Municipal Building
  • the Lion/Leontas of Kea
  • the Diocese's Monastery, among others.


Surrounding Villages: Voukari; Korissia; Kounthouros; Otzias; Pisses.