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General Information for Paros

Paros The island is roughly located in the centre of the Cyclades and, although it has preserved its cycladic ambience and scenic way of life it has developed a tourist substructure capable of offering comfortable vacations to great numbers of visitors. It is an island with many hidden charms. Do not let the traffic and noise of the harbor discourage you, explore Paros and discover the lovely shores, picturesque villages, natural coves and the various local summer activities as: the wine and fish festivals and various art exhibits. It is the third largest - after Naxos and Andros - of the Cyclades and Paroikia or Paros, the capital and port of the island is built at the same location of the ancient town. In the center of Paroikia there are - besides the ruins of an ancient castle - arcades and small churches, cycladic houses with lovely blossomed yards, narrow cobbled streets and marble lintels and a clamorous shopping area, crowded with all types of shops - outdated and modern, low-priced and very expensive modest or luxurious - myltiple restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars.

East of the old town you will see the most significant remnant of the Byzantine period the church of Panaghia Katapoliani it is said that the church was founded by Saint Helen - mother of emperor Constantine - prior to her departure to the Holy Land in search of the Cross. Many archeologists, however, believe that the structure with the beautiful frescoes and the icon of the Virgin, painted by Saint Luke, was completed during Justinian's era. The Archeological Museum - near the church - houses many ancient findings the most important the 5th century B.C. statue of Nike of Paros. Visit the beautiful villages: Naoussa, regarded as the pearl of Paros, offers many interesting sites, lively nightlife, good seafood and the most beautiful shore: Kolybithres; Lefkes, lovely mountainous village protected by two hills. Marpissa, the most impressive village built on a hill about 12 miles from Paroikia. Pisso Livadi, a picturesque little heaven awaits you a little further of Marpissa. Alyki, a lovely tourist resort with a lovely sandy beach. Going towards Alyki (after the airport) there is the estate of Skorpios - where the traditional folklore exhibit of Benetos Skiathas can be admired.

Seashores: Northwest of Paroikia protected from the north-easterly winds (meltemia) the Kaminia, Krios and Aghios Phokas. The sandy beaches of Ampelas, Glyfada, Pisso Livathi and Logharas with beautiful shores in the extended coast of Chrissi Akti located east of the island, beware, however, it gets a bit windy. West of Naoussa the beach Kolymbithres - a sandy islet with very impressive rocks and incredibly clear waters - further down the monastery, Aghii Anarghiroi and the remote sandy beach of Laggeri, Santa Maria, among others and to the south, you can enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Alyki, for the followers of nudism, Molos is the place. Water- sports enthusiasts, especially windsurfers, will be fascinated with Paros. Chrissi Akti/Golden Sand - one of the most beautiful shores - is suitable for learning to surf, as well as sailing.