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General Information for Sifnos

Sifnos Legend has it that the island took its name from the word sifounas, meaning twister/tornado, the strong winds that whip the island. Do not let the grey monotony of the rocks - interrupted here and there by a white chapel - at first glance disappoint you. The rare beauty hidden in the interior of the island will fascinate you. Seeing the full moon embracing the castle is sheer magic and watching the sunrise from the white monastery of Chryssopeghi- adjacent to the sea- will absolutely enchant you. Apollo adored this little island and endowed it with plenty of light and brilliance.

Sifnos, noble and unaffected, charming and multi-faceted, will fill your summer respite with powerful images and intense sensations.

The route from the port towards Kamares - a modern village - with ceramics’ workshops, leads to the capital Apollonia/Pollonia, which is built on three hills.

Points of interest are: Folklore and archeological museums. The chapels and churches (over 365) sprout everywhere like white mushrooms, while the scenic windmills surrender nouchalantly to the winds.

The nobility that rules over Sifnos is a result of the great cultural and literary tradition of the island. You will encounter villages as: Vathi, Pharos, Kamares, Artemonas, Kastro, Chrysopeghi.

The hometown of Nikos Tselementes (the famed original author of Greek cooking), will satisfy your taste buds with the island’s fine cuisine. There are many shores: Aghia Marina; Vathi with lovely sandy beach; Chrisopeghi; Platis Yialos; Pharos; Ylyfos/Glyfos; Fasolos (for nudists) and Hersonesos.