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General Information for Karpathos

Karpathos The island of the magnificent coastline, consisting of cliffs and rocky promontories, interrupted continually by beautiful little shores, has not as yet attracted a great number of tourists. Give it time, however,and the picturesque beaches, plentiful water and island's good climate will soon become very popular. Karpathos or Peghathia, is the capital and the main port of the island.

At the harbor's entrance one sees the remnants of the acropolis. Around it, the tradional houses and climbing up the mountain the villages:
Menetes; Othos and Volatha, underneath it Aperi.


  • Vounos
  • Ruins of St. Fotini
  • Poseidon's cave


Other villages: besides the afore-mentioned there are also the following, Arkasa; Diaphani; and Olympos.