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General Information for Tilos

Tilos The blissfully quiet island, with the spotless shores, the verdant plains, the abrupt cliffs, the Byzantine monuments and the traditional architecture, welcomes its visitors offering relaxing vacations and warm hospitality.

Meghalo Horio/Big Village, the capital with its stone-built houses preserves many elements of the traditional architecture.

It sprawls at the foot of the kastro, underneath the ruins of the Old Village which was abandoned when the danger of the pirates had subsided, and the inhabitants felt safe to come down to a lower location. At a distance of approximately 1.3 miles, from Meghalo Horio, the summer resort of St. Antonios -with the Bay by the same name- is located.

Sights to see:
-the small archeological collection -the Kastro
-the church of Archangel Michael
-the Monastery of St. Panteleimona
-the Harkadhio Cave
-the Missaria Kastro