East Islands-Samos

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General Information for Samos

Samos The verdant island of Samos with the beautiful mountainous villages - totally compacted amidst plane trees, olive groves and vineries - along with endless - seashores, lies in the eastern part of the Aegean and it is very close to the Turkish coast. Samos has a glorious long history. Pythagoras is not her only native son, the astrophysicist, Aristarchos, the first ever to formulate the Earth's movement - along with a throng of illustrious people (like: Kallistratos, who perfected the Greek alphabet, many philosophers, scientists, artists, etc...) were also Samians. A myth - among the fishermen that they are guided, through the dark nights, by Pythagoras' light/spirit from above the peak of the island's highest mountain, Kerki - still goes on. The many charms of Samos, the white sandy beaches, picturesque villages, fishing ports, an incredible view of the Dodecanese and the many archeological sites will captivate and will indeed offer you a very special holiday. The capital and main port - built in the profundity of a large bay, that is why besides Samos it is also called Vathy (meaning deep) - is a pretty hospitable town to which the neoclassical mansions and structures bestow a distinct insular appearance. Visit the Gallery, the Archological Museum (one of the best in Greece) with many sculptures from the Heraion (the temple of Hera, whom the island worshiped and it is one of Samos' worth seeing sites).

The Ecclesiastical-Byzantine Museum; and at Ano Vathy admire the beautiful Byzantine Church of St John (Ai-Yiannis) a superb representation of the post-Byzantine era.

The roads are good and that helps to get to know the island better. Samos deploys a network of tourist installations and services and besides all the above-mentioned charms it also affords great interest to people who involve themselves with aromatic pharmaceutical and medicinal herbs.

The ancient Anthemousa (the name of Samos in antiquity) has a history of many centuries while more than a thousand kinds of various plants have been situated on its terrain, the most beautiful of all being the wild orchid. The most interesting outskirts and shores: Kokkari (6 miles), a beautiful coastal settlement, submerged into olive groves, pine trees and vines. Swim at: Tsamadou and Lemonakia. Mytilenioi (7½ miles) where the only paleontological (prehistoric fossils) in Greece are located. Pythagoreio (8 miles) very busy touristically, the bay, where the yachts, boats and rowboats are moored, is very active from Spring to Fall.

There are many places to visit here, among them the sancuary of Hera.

Swim at: Portokaki; Karbovolo and Psili Ammos (fine sand). Vourliotes (11 miles) another vista of the island appears here. You will be impressed with the numerous vineries and you will definitely enjoy the muscat grapes from which the famous Samian wine is extracted.

This village is the biggest producer of the famous Samian wine. Swim at: Avlakia; Kampos and Tsampou, a pebble beach surrounded by rocks and pine-trees. Many other villages and shores will captivate you as well. Enjoy your vacation. Samos is idyllic indeed!