Ionian Islands-Ithaki

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General Information for Ithaki

Ithaki Homer's legendary motherland of Odysseus, Ithaki, meets the epic poet's portrait to perfection. The second smallest Ionian island offers quiet, relaxed days, since very little tourist activity and development has taken place. Therefore, the much-praised, highly-acclaimed isle, has remained unspoiled and retains an aura of authenticity and romanticism. Oft-mused Ithaca symbolizes love, faith, fidelity, hope and inexhaustible perseverance. Cavafy's magnificent poem ''Ithaki'' epitomizes life's journey: When you set out on the voyage to Ithaki
hope that your journey may be long
full of adventures, full of knowledge...
Ithaki gave you a lovely journey.
Without her you couldn't have found the path...
Even if you find her indigent, Ithaki has not deceived you yet...

Indeed, Ithaca will not disappoint you. The three resort areas: Vathy, Kioni and Frikes along with pretty villages: Perihori, Lefke, Exoghe, Anoghe, etc. will fascinate you with their charm. If you are looking for an even more serene, further unadulterated Ithaca, discover the south part of the island, where the plateau of Marathias dominates.

In the northern part Mount Neritos commands and the area is more rugged. Ithaca is separated from Kephalonia by a narrow strip of sea. Every corner of the island, every shadow will remind you of Odysseus, the wanderer hero of the Trojan War, who never forgot his homeland and wishes that you come to love it and not forget it as well. Relish it! Archeological findings show that the island was inhabited since the third millennium B.C. Interest, however, is focused on the 12th century, when the ingenious Odysseus ruled. The journey to Ithaca is long when you reach Vathy /the capital, however, you will definitely be compensated for. The isle Lazareto, at the entrance will impress you. The ruins of the Venetian Castle and reminders of the centuries will be encountered throughout. Vathy, has preserved many historical monuments. In addition, an Archeological Museum and the Library of the Educational Centre of Ithaca, where a collection of rare books is found.

The caves/Grotto of the Nymphs - where according to Mythology, Odysseus upon his return from Troy hid the gifts given by the Phaeakes - is located a little over a mile from Vathy. The ruins of the ancient city, Alalkomenes, is approximately 3 miles - from the capital of the island - known as the Castle of Odysseus.

The beaches of Ithaca with the lovely bays, and crystal waters will not disappoint you. If you prefer sandy beaches the western shores of Aghios Ioannis and Polis Bay will be ideal for you. Also, on the east side Frikes and the enchanting Kioni. Other seashores to visit: Katsikouli, Sarakinari, Plakoutses. Near Vathy there are also: Paliokaravo, Loutsa, Aetos (Eagle) and Tsirimbis.