Ionian Islands-Kephalonia

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General Information for Kephalonia

Kephalonia The largest island of the Ionian Sea, offers dreamy, exotic shores, fantastic caves, picturesque villages and sites, pine-wooded hills, castles and monasteries. It is indeed the ideal place for rest and relaxation and an opportunity to get acquainted with unusual works of nature. Aenos - the backbone of the island - the mountain, with thick vegetation, makes your tour unique. It has become a National Park, in order for the rare kind of black fir to be protected. The view from the summit is beyond description.

The island attracts throngs of tourists and people who own crafts anchor them at the charming Fiscardo, which offers a yacht club (31 miles NE of Argostoli). The nome of Kephalonia includes also the islands of Ithaca, Kastos and Kalamos. Besides the verdant islands, Kephalonia also offers idyllic lakes with natural decor, beauty and elegance: Avythos, Zervate, Melissane and Karavomylos. Herodotus first mentioned it as Kephalinia and Thucydides as Tetrapolis (for its four cities): Pale, Kranaea, Sami and Pronni. Most of the island was destroyed in 1953, by a powerful earthquake.

Argostoli, the capital which has been totally rebuilt after the destructive earthquake, links the past with the present since many structures of the old architecture still stand.

It is a comfortable charming town with many stores, modern squares, restaurants, cafes and bars. Walk along Drapanos bridge with its characteristic arches - one of the rare bridges in Europe - connecting the town with the shore across and separates the bay of Argostoli and the Lake Koutavos.

South east of Argostoli, where the lake of Koutavos is located, the ruins of the ancient city Krane, with gigantic sculptured rocks. Tour the lake, it will fascinate you. Enjoy the sunset from Pharos of Aghioi Theodoroi. If you get to cesspools of the Phanari area you learn about the engrossing of the sea water from the crevices of the earth - a rare geological phaenomenon. Museums include: the Archeological (Tel.: 28300) and Folklore, also the Korghialenios Library.

Outskirts to be visited: Platis Yialos (almost 2 miles), there the cave - where Saint Gherassimos/Yerassimos, the patron saint of the island, led an ascetic life for six years, prior to building his monastery, is located. A little further out there is Lakethra which offers a superb view.

Other, among many, lovely villages: Keramies, Kallighata, Sarlata, Svoronata. In addition, if you take the route Argostoli-Same-Aghia Efhimia, you will encounter villages:Davgata (quiet and ideal), Dhilinata (where you can taste the famous Rombola wine), Faraklata and Prokopata.

Near Valsamata you find the Monastery of Aghios Yerassimos, a centre of religious pilgrimage. Aghia Efhimia, tied with Astakos and Ithaca, is a lovely quiet coastal settlement with great tourist activity. Approximately two miles away, there is Myrtos, the best Ionian seashore. Towards the idyllic settlement, Fiskardo one of the most beautiful villages, Asos, built at the neck of a small peninsula, awaits to entice you. Same, besides the lovely beach, is overflowing with antiquities of the ancient city, the ruins of which extend to its shores.