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General Information for Florina

Florina Florina
Another beautiful place to visit is the nome of Florina with the fascinating Prespa Lakes (Mikri and Meghali Prespa - small and Big Prespa). Located in the north-west corner of Greece - surrounded by mountains at an altitude of appr. 2,800ft - the lakes present an incredibly beautiful landscape. In Mikri Prespa you will encounter a little-known small isle, Aghios Achileios, with a gorgeous view of the lakes.

Enjoy a good swim at the banks of Meghali Prespa or go to Vigla where you can ski in the midst of a forest of beech-trees. The entire region has been declared a National Park. The fauna and flora thrive there and many species of animals reptiles, fishes, birds, trees and plants - some of them almost extinct or rare - are in abundance. Florina - the capital city - has a distinct beauty by the mere fact that it is built in a verdant ravine, next to a river. From here you have the opportunity to make connections to other destinations or to go on outings and get acquainted with lovely unadulterated spots that you will never forget.

There are various museums as: the Archeological, the Folklore, the Gallery of Florinian Artists and of Modern Art. You could enjoy the beautiful vistas eating at the tavernas (up high, 2,788ft above sea level), known for their fish dishes, or go to the city square to the tavernas: Prespa, Doryphoros and Nike or the bars: Sante and Metropolis, among others. Lovely embroideries, woven items and rugs can be purchased at the town market.