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General Information for Kavala

Kavala The best developed part of the region is the nome of Kavala and its capital, by the same name, is one of the prettiest Greek cities. Amphitheatrically built around the Gulf, Kavala, will entice you no matter from which direction you approach it. Kavala, the second largest city of Macedonia, is built on the ruins of the old city of Neapoli, which existed till the 6th century BC. It is a good base for getting to know the neighboring sites, especially, Philippi, the city that was named after King Philip II.

At Philippi, St Paul delivered his first sermon, on European soil, in 49 A.D. and became the first city to accept Christianity. Kavala's charm lies in its old neighborhoods, the castle - which stands on a promotory - the house of Mehmet Ali, the future Pasha of Egypt, and the Monastery of Aghiou Sylla along with some churches of the 15th century. There are also museums: the Archeological, the Folk Art and the National Gallery with works of well known artists. The many tavernas and restaurants serve the specialities of the region: rice with shrimp (gharithopilafo), crab salad (kavouro-salata) and fresh fish.

The area produces good ouzo, tsipouro (very strong, distilled spirit, extracted from grapes) and copper cooking utensils. There are many beaches in and around Kavala as: Kalamitsi, Bati, Aspri Ammos (White Sand) etc. Mt.Pagaeo is famous from antiquity for its gold and silver mines and as the centre of the worship of Dionysos. In the winter one, besides mount climbing, can also enjoy skiing.