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General Information for Pieria

Pieria It is a very impressive perfecture/nome with many unforseen changes of physical locales. In one part one can enjoy the incredibly beautiful shores of the Thermaekos/ Thermaic Bay and in another could very easily reach the verdant villages of Mount Olympus and those of the Pieria Mountains. Majestic Olympus defines the southern borders of the nome with Larissa. The eastern side spreads towards the Thermaic Bay, while towards the northern side it meets the nome of Emathia and west the Pieria mountains.

The entire length of the eastern side of Pieria is coastal and besides its impressive beaches it offers two significant archeological sites, Dion and Pythia.

Katerini, is the capital, the administrative and commercial center of Pieria. It is a town of 45000 people and its history is approximately 300 years old. It was founded by a group of people who were persecuted at Mt Sina and found refuge in a part of the then Turkish-occupied Greece. It remained a poor place for a long time until 1922 with the coming of the Asia Minor refugees, who made it a very impressive financial and commercial center. There are many interesting places to visit throughout Pieria all year round.