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General Information for Skiathos

Skiathos An island of opulent vegetation, golden sandy shores, pine-covered hills, picturesque scenery, the homeland of Papathiamantis (the celebrated writer), in recent years has gained popularity and is becoming one of the most cosmopolitan places. If you enjoy isolated, sunny shores, water sports and idyllic calmness, Skiathos is the place for you. Your visit to Skiathos Τown (Hora) - with its flagstoned paths leading to white-washed houses with their blossoming yards and old mansions- will definitely impress you. Additionally, the pine-covered peninsula - at the entrance of the harbor - with the ruins of the Venetian Castle, the neoclassical structures constitute further impressive characteristics of this town. Besides the ruins of an old fortress on the Burtzi peninsula, visit the home of Alexandros Papathiamantis - one of the oldest of the island - a Museum housing most of his personal items. Also the Lake/Limni - a significant aquatic migratory bird sancuary - along with various entertainment centers.

Outskirts: Leaving Skiathos (Hora), take the main road of the island that joins Skiathos with the famous Koukounaries beach - one of the most beautiful shores of the island.

Known for its majestic sandy bay and crystal-clear water (which gradually deepens). Its length is about seven and one half miles and allows access to various bays and beaches along the south shore of Skiathos. It is a very busy resort area; Ahlathies, also offers an awesome sandy beach; Tzaneries, Kanapitsa; Aghia Eleni among many more. Throughout the island you travel in the midst of pine forests and olive groves.

About 3 miles from Hora you see the monastery of Evangelistria. An exceptionally beautiful place. Here many heroes - including Kolokotronis - of the War of Independence took the oath to fight for Liberty.

Near the town of Skiathos there are the beaches: Frourio; Cohyli; Plakes; Megali Ammos.

Take the caique from the port to the southern shores: Vasilias; Ahlathies; Kanapitsa; Vromomylos; Kolios - and further northeast of the island try: Megas Yialos; Lalaria and Nikotsara.