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General Information for Skopelos

Skopelos This beautiful island with the choice wine, olive groves, fruit-bearing orchards, picturesque sandy coves, pine-covered hills, small islands scattered about the unexplored fringed shores and good hearted people, invites the visitor to have an unforgettable vacation. Skopelos Town (Hora), the capital and port of the island is regarded as one of the most idyllic cities of the Aegean. Although it has become the tourists focal point, still retains unaltered its quaintness. Amphitheatrically built, its ascending narrow streets take you up to the akropolis of ancient Peparethos. The few remaining ruins of the Venetian Walls testify to the rationale why the fortress was built there by Phillip II of Macedonia, in 340 B.C.

There are hundreds of churches about the town and the island, the most significant one, Saint Athanassius-built in the 9th century on the ruins of a Temple of Athena. The monastery of Evangelistria, Prothromou, St Barbara's etc. are of interest as well.

Outskirts: If you take the route towards the north, you reach the Staphylos peninsula. The view from there is incredible. The ride through the pine trees and shores will impress you. Stop and swim at one of the neighboring shores. To reach Velanios - the much-frequented cove take the path that joins the two bays. After the well known nudist shore, then on, one beach follows the other. Agnontas; Limnonari (one of the best shores of the island); Panormos; Melia; and just across the inlet Thasia. Further North Elios; Kanapits; Ghlyfada; the well hidden shore of Ai-Yiannis; Ghlossa with a rock that seems sculptured and its shores that will definitely please you. The second port of the island is Loutraki and in front of it you see the small islands: Ghlaronissi; Strogylo and Paksimathi. You could also go - by caique - to the cave Trypete. Shores near the Hora: Aghios Konstantinos; Ghlysteri; Staphylos and Velanios.