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General Information for Aegina

Aegina The much-frequented Saronic Island - due to its proximity to Athens - will fascinate you the minute you get there. Aegina's picturesque little back streets, mansions, blue church domes, horse drawn carriages are a wonderful retreat - if, of course, you are lucky enough to ensure accommodation. The island is extremely busy from June to the end of August and all year round on week-ends.

Aegina has many hidden charms and many surprises. Aegina town, the capital and the port of the island, will immediately captivate you with its quaint beauty. The island, is also rich in history and mythology. The ancient temples and ruined settlements are an indication of Aegina's past glory.

The splendid Temple of Aphaia - one of the most important monuments of antiquity - standing on a hill dominates the east coast of Aegina. The Doric style temple was built in the 5th century BC. From the temple admire the beautiful sunset accompanied by the idyllic view of the sea and just across, the Attica shores. You will also see the only remnant of the Temple of Apollo, a Doric column, at the place where the temple stood, the Metropolis, the house where Nikos Kazantzakis stayed, Kapothistria's governor's mansion, among other sites. You should also visit the Archeological Museum which houses sculptures and relieves from the Temple of Aphaia, the statue of Hercules from the Apollo Temple and the famous marble Sphinx of Aegina and other items.

For a pleasant swim (to cool off, since it gets awfully hot), opt for the remote beaches such: Vaia; Souvala; Pharos (lighthouse); Aeginitissa and the outskirts of Aegina like: Aghia Marina with the most touristic activity of the island. In Palaeohora, there is the monastery and church of Saint Nectarios, where the 20th century saint lived the last years of his life (died in 1920). The monastery has a guest house.

Another picturesque little Saronic islet is Agistri, which can easily be reached either from Aegina or Piraeus. Escape from the hustle and bustle to the serenity and relaxation that this verdant isle offers. Visit its sandy beach at the port or other smaller ones. The most-frequented one is Skala, walking around the coast, however, you discover smaller fairly remote shores like: Limenaria, Drakonera, Mariza etc. Visit the old village Metoho, on the slope of a hill and an amazing view. Another smaller inlet, Moni, offers almost the entire coast for swimming , especially the Marathonas shore.