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General Information for Hydra

Hydra The very popular holiday destination, once known as the heaven of artists, writers and the beautiful people looking for excitement and intense social life, still manages to retain an aura of superiority, grandeur and mystique. Quiet during the day - due to the fact that motorized vehicles of any kind are prohibited - very gregarious and lively at night. The donkeys used for transportation greatly impress the tourists. Although extremely busy during the summer months, the island maintains intact its appearance and traditions.

Although the name of Hydra implies that the island has plenty of water, the truth is that it is the driest of the Saronic isles, which are green and fertile. Many significant attractions: as you enter the lovely harbor the stone-wall mansions of Hydra Town are very impressive. Their unusual architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries is indeed blending beautifully with the severe background. Many heroes of the Greek Independence War came from Hydra and their homes still bear their name: Miaoulis; Kountouriotis etc. Visit the Museum of History next to the port Authority with a remarkable historical archives, the Tompazi Archontiko, which houses a branch of the School of Fine Arts, the Kountouriotis Museum and others. The Metropolis- in the central square of Hydra, with the marble bell tower with the clock- dates back to 1808. Beautiful gold and silver chandeliers adorn its interior.

Ascend to Kalo Peghathi, and water-ski at Manthraki, Mikro Kamini and Vlyhos, other beaches with natural beauty and little coves like: St Nikolaos, Molos Bitsi, Limnioza, ideal also for water sports. Small caiques and water taxis take you everywhere.

Enjoy delicious seafood in the seashore tavernas and the small tavernas and restaurants, in the inner part of the island, as you are walking upward (after swimming) the little narrow streets. Most activity, however, in Hydra town is clustered around the waterfront. Do not miss the sunset in Hydra, an unforgettable experience.