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General Information for Poros

Poros A wonderful vacation spot for natives and visitors. Enchanting, tranquil sites, bustling coasts but also remote unknown shores await and invite you to spend carefree hours. Poros in actuality consists of two islands (Kalavria and Spheria) joined by a narrow strip of land. Spheria looks like an appendix of the southern larger coast of Kalavria, which is verdant with pine trees.

The small town of Poros - the capital of the island - believed to have been formed by a volcano, is built in Spheria. The town itself does not offer much excitement, it can, however, become the base for touring the neighboring Peloponnesian sites. If you are driving, visit the back side of the island where panoramic little havens will astound you. If you enjoy hiking, go to the temple of Poseidon, built in the 6th-Century B.C. and where he committed suicide. With a small boat or ferry boat within few minutes, you are across to Ghalatas, where you have two interesting choices: Lemonothasos (Lemon-forest) in the east, Ancient Troezenia to the northwest.

The three shores of Poros along with the sandy beaches at Neorio, Askeli, Zoothohou Pighi and Vaghonia, offer you wonderful swimming and water sports (like wind-surfing, water-ski, sailing etc...). You also have other options: visiting the Peloponnesian shores of Alykis and Lemonothasos.