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By Car
 By Car Here you will find a list with road distances from Athens to various places.
By Car...
By Coach
 By Coach Find all the possible destinations and the coach stations linking together every distant corner of the country.
By Coach...
By Plane
 By Plane There are numerous Airlines operating in Greece with central offices in Athens. The destinations include scheduled flights from and to every distant part of the planet.
By Plane...
By Train
 By Train The Greek Railways Organization (O.S.E.) has an extended and developing network. Every day scheduled timetables, will take you to any destination in the mainland of Greece.
By Train...
Ferry Lines
 By Ferry The Ferry Lines with the luxurious fleets are in touch with every island. Learn more about the scheduled departures.
Ferry Lines...
Flying Dolphins
 By Flying Dolphin If you want to travel faster along the Greek islands, you may use the high speed, sophisticated and modern Flying Dolphins. Here you will find their schedules and destinations.
Flying Dolphins...
 Metro The brand new Athens Metro in the capital, Athens, making life easier for commuters and Athens itself even more friendly!